Our experts control every orchard in order to harvest the fruit at the best moment so we can get an incomparable taste.The fruit is selected and collected one by one by experts hands with years of experience.


The fruit arrives to our facilities as fast as possible and under controlled conditions in order to make sure that the fruit quality at the arrival is perfect.

Our loading and unloading operators work in the unloading dock properly synchronised.

Quality control

Our costumers demand a high level product and our quality department must control every moment during the packaging of the fruit. Our professionals receive constant formation to be aware of all news and regulations.


Although the fruit itself is the most important aspect in our Company, we cannot forget that the image is very important in this Industry, so we invest part of our benefits developing our packaging design.

We are constantly aware of the last trends to offer a product according to our most demanding costumers.


A very important part of the process is the logistics and the transport. That is why we control the traceability of our trucks and make sure that our fruit arrives to the destination in perfect quality conditions for expenditure.

Agrios de Nules is aware of all the aspects, from the orchard until the destinies all over the world.

We believe that controlling each step of the production process is the best way to offer a perfect product. That is why we have our own orchards carefully controlled to attend all their requirements.