About us

Agrios de Nules is a familiar Company engaged in the Citrus Industry with more than 50 years of experience.

Ripollés family has been involved in the Citrus industry for three generations. Ramón Ripollés Canós, in 1970, created Bruno & Ripollés, S.L. and registered the label Bicoca. The second generation joined the Company six years later with Ramón Ripollés Bruno, followed some years later by Manuel and Francisco Javier Ripollés Bruno.

Ramón Ripollés Bruno created Agrios de Nules, S.L. in 2005 and a third generation, Jorge Ripollés Gimeno and Carlos Ripollés Gimeno, joined the project, undertaking a growing strategy to be present all over the world.

Our facilities are in Burriana, Castellón, a strategic location next to the Mediterranean Sea, with a perfect climate for citrus growth.

Presence Worldwide

During the last years we have set up an expansion policy to export a great part of our production to important capitals of different countries around the world.

There are different destinies such as Dubai, Oslo, Toronto, Rome or Frankfurt.

Our goal is to keep on increasing our presence in different countries. The quality of our product and our know-how has no frontiers.


Agrios de Nules, S.L. has different certifications to guarantee the quality of our products and our processes, from the orchards until our facilities, where we handle and pack the fruit according to the food security regulation.

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